Have You Made Your Christmas Wish List Yet?

We’re at year-end and you may be thinking to yourself, “I have got to do something different with my business next year!” Do you fret over making payroll? D you lose sleep worried that your first call in the morning might be an angry customer whose building didn’t get cleaned the night before? Tired of dealing with handwritten timesheets? While compiling your Christmas wish list, don’t forget to add our mobile timekeeping app for remote employees. It’s a perfect gift to solve time card management issues.

Here are the top 19 ways we can help bring peace and goodwill to your business and personal life in 2020.

#1: Save you money!

Employee time theft costs American businesses $400 billion a year. Is some of that money yours? We have the tools to put that cash back in your pocket.

#2: Save you time!

Think about how much of your life is sucked away by manually processing payroll with handwritten timesheets (or how much you pay someone to do it). We have a great gift for you (and if you use QuickBooks, our interface is a bonus present).

#3: Keep your customers!

The easiest way to lose customers is to not show up when they expect you. You can prevent this with text or email no-show alerts for scheduled jobs.

#4: Show you the money!

Where are your labor dollars going? Which jobs? Which jobs cost you more because of overtime? Unwrap a Weekly Labor Cost report that answers these questions and shows where your money is going.

#5: Delegate!

Sometimes it does take a village. You can’t do it all. We make it easy to assign access levels to supervisors and managers who can monitor employees, edit time cards, enter jobs, review schedules, and much more from the website or the supervisor’s mobile app.

#6: Step away!

Your desk may be command central, but you don’t need to be glued to it. Our aforementioned supervisor mobile app gives you the mobility to leave the office, yet stay informed. It can be your mobile command central.

Workflow Intelligence for Your Supervisors: Workforce Stats
#7: Communicate better!

Stay in touch with your supervisors and employees easily with in-app messaging. Send company-wide messages, group messages or solo messages. You can also send voice messages to your employees who call to clock in.

 #8: Easy task tracking!

Track the time your employees spend on any task for job costing or Worker’s Comp reporting. Our activity report can quantify exactly how much time your employees spend on every activity.

#9: Comply with Uncle Sam!

You may be required to pay drive time to your remote employees. The last headache you need is an audit by the Department of Labor.

#10: Easy Employee Evaluations!

Reports show when employees are late to scheduled jobs or when they don’t show up at all. Monitor which employees forget to clock out; see which employees aren’t GPS tracked at the job site when clocking in/out. Then, use our employee notes section to document everything for employee evals.

#11: Keep up with job contracts!

Run job reports or use a dynamic budgeting tool to make sure you are near or under your monthly contracts on hours.

#12: Know where your employees are!

On the clock doesn’t mean on the job site. We can give you peace of mind with app-based  GPS tracking and Linked Phones for call clock-ins.

#13: Handle complicated payroll issues!

Do employees get paid more at certain jobs? Or for weekend work? Or for certain tasks? We can easily break out those hours for you to simplify your payroll.

#14: California, you aren’t dreaming!

Our powerful Payroll Snapshot report can tackle California’s complicated overtime rules. It’s the perfect gift for your payroll admin.

#15: Automate!

A 17-second clock-in by your employee automatically answers questions such as: Are you making money? Are jobs getting covered? Can employees be trusted? Receive the gift of automation.

#16: More compliance help!

Our ACA reports show you who worked each month of the year, how many hours each month, and who is part-time and full-time equivalent to keep you in compliance with Obamacare rules.

#17: Keep up with overtime!

Nothing hurts your bottom line like unplanned OT. Unless of course, some of those hours were stolen. Easily monitor weekly OT on the Workforce Dashboard or our OT report.

#18: A competitive edge!

Yes, saving money and tracking budgets electronically gives you an edge, but be sure to inform your prospects that you use time tracking software to run your business. It will make you look good and demonstrate that your business is run professionally.  You’ll also have the technology to verify when your employees were on their properties.

#19: Get your dream back!

All of the preceding “gifts” are designed to simplify your life and multiply your profits. But mostly we want to help you recapture that feeling you had when you first started your business years ago. How about using some of the time we save you to get out of the trenches and really think about your business from a 20,000-foot view?

We wish you a holiday season filled with the gifts of spending time with friends and family.  As you dream of what you want for your business in the New Year, be sure to consider the benefits of using Chronotek to manage your remote employees.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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