Time Clock Mobile App

The smart way to track employee work time and an invaluable management tool for supervisors.

The Chronotek Mobile Time Clock App is the all-in-one management tool for companies with off-site workers.

Employees love the time tracking app because they can clock in and clock out quickly, view job schedules, and track their work hours. Managers can view live punch details and communicate easily with their employees.

The Chronotek time clock app raises the bar for outstanding management practices by allowing administrators and managers to easily monitor daily workforce stats. A flag will indicate if an employee was not located at the jobsite at clock in or clock out and if an employee denied location tracking while on the clock. The live dashboard reports no-show & late employees based on job schedules and shows actual vs. scheduled hours to help control overtime. The app keeps management connected to their teams with company announcements and “required read” messages to employees.

Explore the benefits of the Chronotek Mobile Time Clock App

Try Chronotek for a full 30 days. No contracts, no setup fee, no obligation. No software to download – just log in to our cloud-based system and download the mobile app. It’s that simple!

  • Powerful all-in-one management tool for admins and managers
  • Easy for employees to plan their workday
  • Live dashboards to monitor employee attendance and control overtime
  • Keep the company connected with in-app announcements and “required read” messages
  • Management can quickly edit time cards
  • Enhance supervisor responsibilities
  • Integrates with Smart Tracks™ to track and report employee location

Learn More About GPS-Enabled Time Tracking

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Why Chronotek Has The Best Employee Time Clock App

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Unlimited punches in and out. ALL FEATURES INCLUDED.

Chronotek is just $5 per employee per month.

(plus a $14 monthly base fee)

Unlike other systems, only pay for employees who clock in and out.

Number of Employees to track



Price per Employee

$5 x 10 $50
Base Fee $14
Total per Month $64

Unlimited Clock-Ins

Use any or all methods: Call-In, Web Clock or Mobile App.

Manage With Freedom

Administrators and Supervisors use the app or Admin site for free.

Everything Is Included

GPS, Schedules/Alerts, Mobile App, Telephony, Personal Support.

High Turnover

We offer per-punch pricing to best help your business!