Payroll Integrations

Never stress over payroll again! We have many additional payroll service exports – just give us a call.

Chronotek takes all the stress out of the payroll process!

Generate reports and process payroll effortlessly and in little to no time. As employees clock in and out, our powerful employee tracking system enables time card hours to be automatically calculated by the company’s work week for any pay cycle interval. A powerful proprietary tool automatically calculates any overtime and converts the time card hours into several report formats. Whether using a manual payroll process, an accountant, or payroll service, the reports are ready at the click of a button for maximum efficiency.

Go paperless! With a simple click, send calculated time card hours to QuickBooks with absolutely no file handling. Time cards are transferred to the Weekly Timesheets section and include customer, job, calculated overtime, service items, and payroll items. You’ll free up hours of time, enabling you to focus on more important things – like growing your business.

Do you use a payroll service? No problem. Chronotek offers many export formats that work with most major and independent services. An easy export allows you to email the file to your service provider and you’re done. If you don’t see your service listed below… just ask us!

Exports available for: ADP, Heartland Payroll, Paychex, Paycom, Paycor, Payroll Data Processing, People PEO and more! Custom exports are available for a fee.

  • Time Card Hours Automatically Calculated
  • Overtime Hours Calculated by Work Week
  • Compatible with QuickBooks
  • Many Payroll Service Exports
  • Payroll Process is Simplified!
Expanded overtime settings available

Save time and money with a simplified payroll process!

The Payroll Snapshot also integrates with QuickBooks seamlessly. By using the Payroll Snapshot, Chronotek directly exports your time cards into the Weekly Timesheets section of QuickBooks. With the click of a button, send the calculated shift hours (including overtime and other pay types) to QuickBooks with absolutely no file handling. The Payroll Snapshot can also be used to create exports for payroll companies, such as ADP, Paychex and Paycom.

  • With a simple click, send calculated time card hours to QuickBooks with no file handling
  • Choose from a list of exports for major and independent payroll services
  • File based API (SFTP)
  • Workday API export
Time Card Hours Calculated - Choose from independent and major payroll service exports