One of our first website designs for had an image of a guy holding his head in agony. Much like this guy. You would think that an evil person wired his brain to intravenously pump in Milli Vanilli on auto-repeat. That wasn’t the case. He was doing payroll with handwritten timesheets. That’s a painful practice and a horribly inefficient use of time. If you spend more time each week doing payroll than acquiring new customers, you may have a problem. In the last installment in our series, Avoid These 8 Major Pitfalls to Succeed In Your Business, we want to discuss how you can transform payroll processing from unpleasant to productive.

The first step in this transformative process is to stop using handwritten timesheets. Our remote employee clock in, clock out timekeeping system will get you on the right track. Automated, online reports at your fingertips lead to a clean desk, an uncluttered mind and access to a simplified, painless way to handle payroll processing. Do you currently use QuickBooks and manually enter employee hours? Stop the insanity! Experience the magic of our QuickBooks Interface. It seamlessly copies your employee hours from our system into the employee timesheet section of QuickBooks. Before you have time to skip to the next Milli Vanilli song, the integration is done and you’re ready to print checks or do your direct deposit.

We also have exports for several payroll companies, including ADP, Paychex, Paycom and Payroll Data Processing. Run the format you need, save to your hard drive and import into your payroll company’s program. In about 5 clicks you’ll be done and working on a list of prospects to contact next week. Let us help you minimize the time spent working in your business and maximize the time working on your business. Payroll processing is a necessary task, but it’s not necessary for it to be a burden.

Think about it. Go from headaches to high fives. Right now you are tracking down every weekly timesheet, manually calculating the hours (including overtime), trusting the scribbles, and manually entering the hours into your payroll company. And taking a lot of Tylenol. Instead switch to an online time tracking system with automated time card reports and a few clicks to import your employee hours into your payroll system. Was that a chorus of heavenly angels singing “hallelujah” you just heard?

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Well, that wraps up our series. We hope that the articles have been helpful and will keep you far away from pitfalls and on the road to prosperity.

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