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Workforce Messaging

Have confidence that all messages are delivered.

Chronotek offers exceptional communication within your business using voicemail and in-app text messages.


For those using the call in method, employees can receive voice messages from their supervisor.

New messages will automatically play at the next clock in or out. If required by the supervisor, the system will not proceed with clock in or out until the entire message has been played. Employees can reply, save, and delete messages.

Admins and supervisors can monitor employee message status on the audit log from the Chronotek admin site.

Chronotek voice messages


Employees and supervisors can send messages within the app.

Communication is key. Supervisors can send one-way announcements or two-way messages to individuals, groups or all employees. Mark messages as “required read” before employees can proceed with the next clock in or out. The app has a distinct beep to alert users of a new message.

In-app messaging is available on the Chronotek admin site for users in the office to easily communicate with employees.

Chronotek in-app messages


  • Voicemail and In-App Messages
  • Broadcast Messages to Individuals or Group
  • Optional “Required” Listen or Read Setting
  • Company Wide Announcements
  • In-app Messaging is Accessible from the Admin Site

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