Travel Time Cards & Mileage

Approve estimated or actual time between jobs.

Travel time cards and mileage reports are automatically created.

Chronotek’s exclusive time tracking software is fully integrated with Google MapsTM to calculate the most accurate mileage maps possible for employees who are reimbursed for travel time or mileage between job locations. Admins have the flexibility to use the actual time or the estimated time from Google MapsTM when approving travel time cards.

The daily trip map tells the story of the employee stops between job locations. The approval process is simple for admins and the best part is that the system captures these details automatically. Employees don’t have to do a thing!

Eliminate burdensome paperwork, mileage calculations, and the time-consuming process of constructing, approving, or denying travel time or mileage reimbursements. Our ingenious and intuitive software does everything for you by capturing your employees travel routes and constructing highly detailed maps!


  • Easily stay in compliance with labor laws
  • Travel time & mileage automatically calculated between customer locations
  • Use actual or Google MapsTM estimates
  • Associate travel time with different pay types
  • Quick approvals
  • Detailed daily maps tell the whole story
  • Instant calculations reduce time spent on payroll and reimbursement management

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Chronotek mileage map and report

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