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Link Site Phones

Proprietary Feature of the Chronotek System.

Link customer phones for employee location assurance.

Linked phones gives confidence that employees are located at the job. When employees call to clock in, Chronotek recognizes a linked phone number and automatically completes the clock in process with the correct job code. Caller ID is reported and mapped to provide accuracy of the employee’s location. The best part is … employees don’t have to remember a long list of job codes! Link as many numbers from within a building as needed.

Prevent employees from clocking in from home! Phone numbers can be blocked to prevent clock in or out from unauthorized locations. Concerned about buddy punching? Turn on Random Voice Verification to add an extra layer of confidence. You can also require that employees are only allowed to clock in from phones located at the job site versus the mobile time clock app. With our security measures, you can rest easy knowing that your employees are on the job.

Linked phones revolutionized employee location verification long before GPS tacking from smartphones. Proprietary to Chronotek, customers have depended on this feature for over 20 years. Linked Phones remains a core need for customers in the janitorial & commercial cleaning, security guard, personal care, non-profit, and lifeguard industries. The list of businesses that could benefit from this feature is infinite!


  • Clock In by Phone Call
  • Dial Chronotek Toll-Free Number
  • Use Landline or Regular Cell Phone
  • Random Voice Verification
  • Spanish Language Available
  • Prevent Buddy Punching
  • Linked phones make the employee clock in process simple

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