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Employee Time Tracking with GPS

Know immediately if employees are not at the job site.

Smart Tracks TM tells the daily story of employee activity.

Chronotek has licensed with Google MapsTM to verify the employee’s location at clock in and out. Specify the geo-fence around each customer site for the system to immediately report if the employee is not located at the job. Chronotek will also tell you if the employee denied location tracking or has location services turned off.

In addition to GPS location verification, Chronotek’s proprietary Smart TracksTM feature tells the daily story of employee activity while on the clock. This feature is revolutionary to employee time tracking because it will flag employee time cards with any GPS infractions. See the precise time employees arrived at the job site, left the site, and geo-track details of any stops made while on the clock. Know when employees turned location services off (and back on) and be made aware of those who need tools applied for closer observation.

Whether employees clock in from site phones or the mobile time clock app, Chronotek reports GPS location details for your immediate review.


  • Location mapped at clock in & out
  • Know immediately of employees who are not located at the job
  • Smart TrackTM reports if employees “left the job” site and all GPS pins of stops while on the clock
  • CallerID reporting from site phones is proof of employee’s location
  • Set preferred methods for employees to be able to clock in
  • Enhance supervisor responsibilities
  • Have proof of improper employee conduct

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