Workforce Communication App

Have confidence in communication with your staff.

Chronotek offers the ultimate workforce communication app for your business by using voicemail and in-app messages.

Voice Messages

Supervisors can leave voice messages to employees who call to clock in. Tell employees of any special instructions, or even a happy birthday message. Communication with employees is key. 

Employees will not be able to clock in without first listening to the new voice message.  Employees can reply, save and delete messages. Call logs show when voice messages are sent, any outstanding messages not yet heard by employees, and employees who listened to the message.  

See a log of all messages between employees and supervisors
Chronotek Smart Employee Time Tracking: Workforce Communication

In-App Messages

Employees and supervisors can send messages quickly within the app.

Supervisors can send one-way announcements or two-way messages to individuals, groups or all employees. They can also mark messages as a “required read” before employees can proceed with the next clock in or out. The app has a distinct beep to alert users of a new message. In-app messaging is also available on the Chronotek admin site for users in the office to easily communicate with employees.

The benefits of the Workforce Communication App

Try it for a full 30 days. No contracts, no setup fee, no obligation. No software to download – just log in to our cloud-based system and download the mobile app. It’s that simple!

  • Voicemail and In-App Messages
  • Broadcast Messages to Individuals or Group
  • Automatic Play for Voice Messages and “Required” Read Setting for the App
  • Company Wide Announcements
  • In-app Messaging is Accessible from the Admin Site

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Unlimited punches in and out. ALL FEATURES INCLUDED.

Chronotek is just $5 per employee per month.

(plus a $14 monthly base fee with a $64 minimum charge)

Unlike other systems, only pay for employees who clock in and out.

Number of Employees to track



Price per Employee

$5 x 10 $50
Base Fee $14
Total per Month $64

Unlimited Clock-Ins

Use any or all methods: Call-In, Web Clock or Mobile App.

Manage With Freedom

Administrators and Supervisors use the app or Admin site for free.

Everything Is Included

GPS, Schedules/Alerts, Mobile App, Telephony, Personal Support.

High Turnover

We offer per-punch pricing to best help your business!