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Time Tracking Dashboards

Always know who, where, what, and when.

Live, up-to-the-minute activity as employees clock in and out.

The Chronotek online time card software provides businesses with live dashboards showing instant activity as employees clock in and out. On the Workforce Dashboard, you can easily see who is on the clock, who forgot to clock out, and who is approaching 40 hours.

Time card hours are automatically calculated by the company’s work week, doing most of the work for you. The system “grades” time cards to flag potential issues such as GPS and location access denials, overtime issues, missed clock-outs, and more. Any overtime hours are immediately flagged to give extra control over labor costs. These issues are reported immediately, allowing your supervisors to address problems with employees as soon as they are caught.

Quickly add employees to our cloud-based system by sending electronic invitations to help them get started. Watch on the Workforce Dashboard as employees accept the invitations and begin to use the system with test clock-ins.

Our live dashboards provide your business with unsurpassed employee time tracking control. Never worry again about employees not being on location, overtime issues, and general time card problems. Our clients depend on Chronotek to run their business like clockwork.


  • Live Workforce Dashboards
  • View To-The-Minute Employee Activity
  • Time Cards “Graded” for Review
  • Easily Monitor for Overtime
  • Easy to Add Employees
  • Testing Mode for New Employees
  • Easy Report Creation and Weekly Comparisons

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