If your remote, hourly employees travel from job site to job site and you don’t pay travel time, we need to have a talk. You may be unaware that this travel time is required pay by the U.S. Department of Labor.  According to its website, “Time spent traveling during normal work hours is considered compensable work time.” Travel time is a serious matter and companies are being sued for failure to comply. Today in our new series, Avoid These 8 Major Pitfalls to Succeed In Your Business, we hope to steer your company towards compliance with the employee travel time laws and away from trouble. It’s a pitfall that can easily be avoided with our time and labor management system  that offers a powerful timekeeping solution, with full travel management as well.

Most service-based businesses have hourly employees who work at multiple sites each day. The easiest way to insure that you are compliant with the travel time laws is to pay your employees from the time they start their days to when they end. But the easiest way is seldom the best practice. Your employees may need to take a lunch or pick up laundry between job sites. You don’t want to pay for this personal time. But don’t you want to know how much time your employees work at each job site? How much time is spent working versus time driving? Wouldn’t it be great to know that your employees actually show up to each job site and on time? These are all important questions to make sure that your customers’ needs are met and to avoid other pitfalls. A break down of employee time on each site compared to time driving between sites could reveal that your employees aren’t spending enough time doing the work. Or maybe too much time. But only tracking a start time and an end time to every employee’s day doesn’t give you this vital information. Perhaps you are super-conscientious like one payroll admin we talked to and you manually calculate the travel time between every job using Google or Map Quest. We applaud your painstakingly diligent and time-consuming efforts, but we are here to your rescue!

An easy solution and the best solution to the travel time issue is to use our online and telephone-based clock in, clock out system. Employees clock in and out at each job location and our system automatically creates travel time records. Pay by the actual time between jobs or use what Google MapsTM says the travel time should be between each site. Our Travel Manager feature with Google MapsTM can also capture mileage. Use our job reports to analyze the time spent on the job against the time driving between jobs. Your concerns about travel time compliance are easily solved by simple clock ins and outs on our mobile app or by calling a toll-free number. And you get critical answers to the questions previously mentioned.

Let us help you avoid this major pitfall with travel time. Insure compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor, get accurate time with great job reporting, save money and stay focused on growing your business. Try us free for 30 days and see if we can change your life.

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