image001Suzie, the janitorial supervisor we introduced to you in our last post, was out to lunch with friends recently when she received a push notification to her phone’s lock screen.  It was from Larry, one of her employees, who used our mobile app to send Suzie a message.  Larry was calling out sick from his scheduled shift and it just happened to be one of Suzie’s most important clients. In Suzie’s pre-Chronotek life this news would have abruptly ended her lunch and sent her scampering back to the office to look at paper schedules for a replacement. Instead, Suzie took a deep breath and relaxed. She could handle this issue here and now with the new Chronotek mobile app. Communicating with remote employees has never been easier.




Suzie sent a quick ‘get well’ reply to Larry and looked at the day’s schedules on the app.

She quickly saw which employees were working at nearby jobs so she created a group message through the app. She set it as ‘required’ so they would have to read the message before they could clock out.






A few minutes later Dan replied to the group that he could cover the shift.  Suzie smiled, took a sip of sweet tea and was back to enjoying time with her friends.

The new mobile app centralizes communication with off-site employees, keeping announcements and messages in the app for easy access. In-app messaging is just one of the tools that are revolutionizing supervisors’ lives, both at work and home.  A better way of communicating with remote employees has given Suzie peace of mind that she has never known.

For 20 years now our passion to help small businesses succeed has driven us to build the best and most reliable timekeeping system in the country.

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