Employee Attendance Reports

Manage employee time & attendance to control labor costs and stay on budget.

Chronotek provides vast, powerful reporting capabilities.

Our sophisticated and intuitive employee time tracking software enables you to create highly detailed employee attendance reports on a regular basis or when you need them with the click of a button.

View calculated time card data in a variety of reports for any date range, even by groups. All reports are available by summary or detail view for employee, job or schedule reporting, and all data can be exported to .csv and .pdf for further manipulation and filing.

Overtime and ACA reports are available to monitor budgets and stay compliant with federal and state laws. If you’re using job schedules, you have the ability to create late and no-show reports which come in handy for employee reviews.

Chronotek Smart Employee Time Tracking: Reports & Budget Tools
Chronotek Smart Employee Time Tracking: Reports & Budget Tools

Get rid of out-of-date static spreadsheets with our Budget Manager.

Know exactly where your numbers sit on budgetary concerns every day with our powerful budgetary computations.

Chronotek offers budget tools that are invaluable for keeping businesses on track. Our reports provide beautifully rendered graphical views of actuals, schedules, budgets and budget-to-date variances.

These budget tools are fully integrated with employee attendance and schedule data thereby allowing reports to seamlessly generate any budget variance numbers for your business. For example, you can easily view the jobs that are in danger of not being on budget.

The benefits of Employee Attendance Reports

Try it for a full 30 days. No contracts, no setup fee, no obligation. No software to download – just log in to our cloud-based system and download the mobile app. It’s that simple!

  • Employee Attemdance Reports (Export to .csv, .xls, .pdf)
  • Summary & Detail Reports
  • ACA Report
  • Overtime Reports
  • Integrated Budget Manager

Learn More About Employee Attendance Reports

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Why Track Employee Attendance

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How to Deal with Employee Attendance Issues

How to Deal with Employee Attendance Issues

Life happens. As cliché as it is to say, we all have that morning where nothing goes right and we’re late to work. While it’s okay to be late in an emergency or call in sick to work, it’s important for employees not to let bad habits build and affect their work....

How to Reduce Absenteeism in the Workplace

How to Reduce Absenteeism in the Workplace

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Unlimited punches in and out. ALL FEATURES INCLUDED.

Chronotek is just $5 per employee per month.

(plus a $14 monthly base fee with a $64 minimum charge)

Unlike other systems, only pay for employees who clock in and out.

Number of Employees to track



Price per Employee

$5 x 10 $50
Base Fee $14
Total per Month $64

Unlimited Clock-Ins

Use any or all methods: Call-In, Web Clock or Mobile App.

Manage With Freedom

Administrators and Supervisors use the app or Admin site for free.

Everything Is Included

GPS, Schedules/Alerts, Mobile App, Telephony, Personal Support.

Save Time & Money

A survey shows that our customers save time & 100% save money!