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Employee Scheduling Software

Receive alerts for missed schedules and late employees.

Run your business like clockwork!

With Chronotek, you get it all…and know it all! Our online employee scheduling software, together with time tracking, gives you the tools to run your business as smooth as possible. Set custom alerts to know of missed job schedules or simply receive alerts for employees as they clock in and out.

Job Schedules & Shift LockTM

Create job schedules for supervisors to receive alerts if employees miss a job schedule or clock in late.

Schedules can be assigned to specific employees or as “floater” schedules. Flexible daily schedules give room for employees who work at multiple locations.

Prevent employees from clocking in early or clocking out late to a schedule. Shift LockTM automatically “locks” the time card to the shift schedule; the employee is notified of this edit at clock in and out. Rules and parameters for the shift lock times can be determined per shift.

Chronotek Scheduler


Set specific times to receive alerts such as immediately for a missed job schedule – or give employees flexibility in a day’s routine.

Either way, always know the status of job coverage. Late employee and missed schedule reports are helpful in employee reviews.

Optional “clock in” and “clock out” alerts are available if schedules are not used. Use these alerts to keep an eye on employees who work in sensitive areas or for those who need additional monitoring.

Chronotek Alerts

Schedules as budgets & late employee reports

View schedule reports for any date range to see daily and weekly totals of actual hours worked vs. scheduled hours.

Know if schedule adjustments should be made before it’s too late. Late employee and missed schedule reports can be used as effective tools for employee reviews.

Chronotek Schedule Reports


  • Schedules by Specific or “Any” Employee
  • Prevent Early Clock In & Late Clock Out
  • Custom Alert Settings
  • No-Show & Late Employee Alerts
  • Optional Clock In & Clock Out Alerts
  • Have Confidence All Jobs Are Covered

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