Lose 10 pounds. √ Check.
Quit smoking. √ Check.
Spend more quality time with my family. √ Check.

The same resolutions that you made last year. They are all worthy goals, but do you have any for your small business in 2014?
• Do you want to cut payroll without layoffs?
• Provide better service to your customers?
• Reduce the time and hassle for processing payroll?
• Manage remote off-site workers more efficiently?
• Eliminate or control over-time?

The Chronotek Telephone Timekeeping System is your simple solution to helping your small business meet its goals for the New Year. We wrote several blog entries this past year that explain why telephone timekeeping for your remote, hourly employees is a fantastic idea. In this post we will guide you through some of our greatest hits of the past year.

The reasons that telephones should be utilized as a tool to track and manage your remote employees are outlined in two blog articles, The Universal Appliance and What’s In Your Pocket? Such a simple, pervasive and inexpensive device can be a powerful instrument in your small business success.

So, how can you cut payroll without pink slips? No spoiler alerts here, but two words…accurate time. Time really is money. $7.50 an hour is 12.5 cents a minute. That doesn’t sound like much, but when you are losing several minutes a day per employee to inaccurate timekeeping methods such as handwritten timecards, those minutes add up. We illustrate this point in Minding Your Minutes and Would You Trade A Quarter If I Gave You A Dollar?

Providing better service to your customers is always near the top of your list and one way to do it is to insure that their work gets done and on time. When you have remote employees it can be hard to manage this aspect. You don’t have eyes in the field at 2am when your work is being done or at least scheduled to be done. We can help. Our blog post, Risk and Reward…It’s About Time explains why the effort to set up a timekeeping system is worth it.

Technology is a great investment to save time on many mundane business tasks such as processing payroll. In our post, Solid Investment Strategies Necessary for Business, we outline why telephone timekeeping is money in the bank.

It’s hard to manage employees that you don’t see. The best thing you can do to manage your employees more effectively is to hire the right people to start with and have a way to monitor them. Our post, The Right People, explains how our timekeeping system can help you filter out the wrong employees and recognize the good ones.

Finally, overtime is a profit killer. It can bust out the bottom of your bottom line. If you like to see how numbers can paint a picture, see our blog post, Control Overtime With Accurate Timekeeping. Be warned. The numbers may frighten you.

So, there you have it. Simple solutions to help you succeed with your small business’ New Year’s resolutions. And by the way, when our system saves you time and money, you’ll have more of both to spend with your family.