We’ve all seen it…an ongoing parade of restaurants open and fail from the same location. Every time a new one opens we feel sorry for the brave soul who dared to venture yet once again. But occasionally one makes it to thrive. Same spot, same target market, similar prices, quality and menu items. What is the difference?

Ask any patron and the answer is easy. The culture and climate changed because of the people. Either the owner, manager, hostess or cashier, but the right people breathed fresh air into the business. As a small business owner, it’s extremely important that you also have the right people on staff.

How do you go about ensuring that your staff is your strongest asset?

We can help, especially if you have remote employees.  A small business owner must have the highest level of trust in off-site workers.  Managers can easily keep track of office and warehouse employees, but off-site workers have no eyes on them.  Our telephone timekeeping system with its many employee management tools can be your eyes in the field and your filter to sift out the bad employees from the good employees.

  • Discover which of your workers are consistently late to jobs. With handwritten timecards, all of your workers are ‘seemingly’ always on time to all of their jobs.  With accurate time captured by a simple call to clock into our system, you can see live data as to which employees really are on time and the ones who are late. You can also get text or email alerts for the late employees.
  • Know which employees aren’t on the job site when they clock in or out with our GPS location tracking feature.
  • Distinguish between employees who work diligently and those who don’t.  You probably have a good estimation as to how long it should take to complete the scope of work at each location. Use our job schedules to compare actual times versus scheduled times at each job site.
  • Learn the character of your employees. You may notice that 98% of your staff can clock in and out of our system all the time, but the same 2% frequently complain of call-in issues. This is valuable information about the character of the 2%  if they are using the same phones or have the same cell providers as the 98%.       What’s the real reason they didn’t clock in or out?
  • Catch employees clocking in and out for each other with our Random Voice Verification system. The employee repeats their name saved in a voice message for their assigned supervisor.

By using each of these tools a small business can quickly discern the right employees and the wrong ones for their business.  Perhaps you can create a scoring system for your employees. This continuous filtering will insure that you build a solid, honest and reliable workforce, which as you know, is your best chance for success.

Let us breathe some fresh air into your business!