Everyone should have a Swiss Army knife is his pocket.  With this one tool a person can tighten a screw, open a soda bottle, trim nose hairs, saw a small branch, cure the common cold, and various other useful functions.  Chances are that most people are packing another powerful multipurpose tool in their pockets as well…the phone.

Phones can save small businesses thousands of dollars each year in their largest   expense…payroll.  Employees who work at remote locations generally don’t have actual time clocks to punch, so their employers must rely on the honor system and handwritten timecards.  Utilizing phones as a method for remote employees to punch in and out of jobs through a telephone timekeeping system captures accurate time that could yield a 2-6% payroll savings.  

What more can a phone do for a small business other than save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in payroll?  With a timekeeping system like Chronotek:

  • Alerts can be sent to a supervisor’s cell phone as a text message or email when employees “no-show” to scheduled jobs. This feature alone can save a company a contract by making sure the job is covered.
  • Supervisors with smartphones can use our web-based mobile site to view schedules, no-shows, late employees, employee’s status, the call log and an over 40 hours report.  This is a great tool for busy supervisors on the go.  Catch overtime before it happens!
  • Our new web clock-ins (an enhancement to the mobile site) allows supervisors to use the web to clock-in groups of employees, which saves time and money.
  • The location of clock-ins/outs by a cell phone or smartphone web browser can be tracked by our GPS location tracking feature.

The greatest reason that any small business should consider using the phone to track time is that almost every building has one; and every person has access to one. The phone replaces the expensive hardware that a business would need to purchase to implement traditional timekeeping methods.  Why carry around a set of Ginsu knives when one sharp pocket knife will do?      

The phone may never be able to peel an apple, but it is one tool that every small business with remote employees should have in their pocket.