You’ve done your homework and know that telephone timekeeping for your remote hourly employees is a fantastic idea. You know that it can save you 2-6% on payroll and countless hours of processing it. You know these things to be true, but you still haven’t done it. Why?

Because you also know that implementing any new system can be hard, even harder if you have to train and integrate other people into it. You may be completely sunny about the idea, but some of the old dogs may bite.

Yet, the idea won’t go away. It haunts you as each day passes and you haven’t taken action. You would love to have an extra set of eyes in the field and you know that a good telephone timekeeping system is the answer.  Alerts when your employees are late to scheduled jobs; location tracking when your employees clock in and out; help to prevent buddy punching are a few of the features that you’ve read about and would help alleviate some of the daily stress of running your small business. Life could be so much easier. Still you procrastinate.

Greater than the desire to take this bold and wise step is a fear. Yes, a risk that you can put forth all of the effort and time into learning the system and training your employees only to get to the end of your 30 day trial period and discover that the telephone timekeeping company you tried is a dud. You do not need to waste your time.

A famous man once said (or almost said), “Better to have tested and lost than never to have tested at all.” Well, maybe not. Your time is too valuable to test and fail. You need simple.

That’s why we do everything in our power to guarantee your success and we invest our time to make that happen. We have a plan for you to prosper.

  • Free customer support. All of the time.
  • Free weekly webinar training seminars. Attend as many as you want.
  • Free private tutorials at your convenience.
  • Free assistance inputting your employee and job data when setting up your account.
  • And yes, all of the life enhancing features you’ve read about are all free. It’s quite simple. We charge you 2 fees. One for monthly access and the second is the flat rate for employee clock ins and outs. That’s it.
  • Reach us by phone, email, or chat line. We are accessible.

We understand the risks involved. We’ve been helping companies like yours for 18 years and that’s how we know that the rewards are great. Life simplified.

Choose wisely. Choose once. It’s about time.