You know that a time clock app for your remote, hourly employees is a fantastic idea. You know it will save you 5% or more on payroll and countless hours of processing it. You know these things to be true, but you still haven’t done it. Why?

Because you also know that introducing any new system to existing employees is challenging.  You may be utterly sunny about the idea, but some of the old dogs may bite.

Answers You Need

Yet, the idea won’t go away. It haunts you as each day passes and you haven’t taken action. You’d love to have an extra set of eyes in the field, and you know that an employee time clock app provides all of the answers:

  • Alerts when your employees are late to scheduled jobs
  • Location tracking when your employees clock in and out
  • Help to prevent buddy punching

These are a few exciting features you’ve read about, and you’re ready to get started. The management tools will ease the daily stress of running your business. Still, you procrastinate.

The fear of change is greater than the fear of the same.


Yes, you can risk time and effort into learning a new system and training your employees, only to realize the system is a dud.

We Have a Plan for Your Success

  • Free customer support – by chat, email, or phone
  • An online Help Center with articles and videos
  • Webinars whenever you need them
  • No risk-free 30-day trial

We understand the risks involved. We’ve helped companies like yours for a long time.

Choose wisely. Choose once. It’s about time.