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How To Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Posted on 17 Dec 2019

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate We arrived at 8am Sunday to pick up a truck rental to help our daughters move. My blood pressure spiked when I didn’t see any trucks in the store parking lot. Yet I had printed, emailed and phone confirmations of my online booking. Certainly I was […]

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Workflow Intelligence for Supervisors

Workflow Intelligence for Your Supervisors

Posted on 12 Jul 2019

Is your service-based business built to handle the workflow load you put on your supervisors and management team? In 2 back to back days I saw 2 tractor-trailer trucks stuck at the same intersection. It wasn’t a coincidence. Their normal routes on a wide state highway were rerouted due to road construction. Neither made the […]

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One Easy Way to Get Better Employee Performance

How to Improve Employee Performance

Posted on 13 Jun 2017

A recent personal experience gave me an idea that small business owners could use to get better employee performance. I taught my 11 year old son how to mow our front lawn. He takes great pride in doing a good job. He mows one direction and then comes back over it in a crisscross pattern. […]

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