What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

We arrived at 8am Sunday to pick up a truck rental to help our daughters move. My blood pressure spiked when I didn’t see any trucks in the store parking lot. Yet I had printed, emailed and phone confirmations of my online booking. Certainly I was covered. The store owner responded like a deer in headlights. He had no trucks available and apparently the parent company didn’t communicate with him about my reservation. This failure to communicate really put a load on me and gave me a terrible impression of the company. I wonder how often this lack of top down communication happens in the service industry? In your business?

Your Best Ambassadors

Service company remote employees are your front line representatives and ambassadors. They wear your branded uniforms and drive your vinyl wrapped automobiles. Their work quality is the first thing noticed each day by your paying customers and your employees have daily opportunities to interact with these customers and their employees. As a company owner are you communicating with your staff the exact message you want conveyed to the world? Eat at just about every Chic Fil-A and you will notice that for a fast food joint they have the friendliest employees in the business. That’s not an accident. The owner communicates this message down to every regional director to every franchise owner to every manager to every cashier.

Make no mistake, your employees are communicating a message every day to your customers. The question is, is your message getting to your remote employees? Chronotek makes it easy for you to communicate with your employees through in-app text messaging or by voice message. Give your employees all of the information and encouragement to make the very best impression on the world.

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