We are so thankful for the doctors, nurses and hospital staff on the front lines around the country working tirelessly to provide care to individuals with Covid-19. This is an unprecedented time. News stories abound from New York, Chicago and other places about how hospitals are akin to war zones. While all of this is true, a phone call from one of our customers, a commercial cleaning company owner, gave us another perspective. Melissa is burdened for her cleaners who go into hospitals, grocery stores and other essential businesses.

“They risk their own health to provide clean and safe facilities for staff, visitors and customers. I’m so grateful for them.”

She makes such a valid point. We want to thank her employees and janitors across country, as well as security guards, law enforcement officers and employees for other essential businesses who are persevering through this difficult time to serve and hold our nation together. And let’s not forget the gig workers who are hustling to deliver our takeout food and groceries so that we can stay at home.

You are all heroes! Thank you!