It was eye-opening. Alarming is probably a better word for it. One of our clients had not been tracking work hours against contracted hours. She recently started using our Budget Manager tool and made a startling discovery. For over a year they have been losing 10 hours a week on a building they clean. Budget Manager broke down on a weekly basis how many actual hours were spent cleaning compared to what was contracted. That’s over 500 hours a year!¬†Armed with this information she approached the building management and negotiated a new contract for more money. Of course, it was easier to make her case because her company has a history of great work.

Yes, we believe that our mobile time clock system will save your business money. But do you have a innovative analytical tools to identify profit leaks and uncover income opportunities? Are you tracking work hours against contracted hours? Are you capturing accurate travel time for remote employees? Are you paying off-site employees when they aren’t really working?

There’s no need to be startled by any aspect of your business. And you should assume that your competition is using the latest technologies to help run their businesses. Don’t get behind the curve. Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.

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