Would you buy a new 55″ smart TV without a remote?  Maybe it’s not necessary, but it sure makes the TV much more functional and enjoyable.  If you’re a small business owner with off-site hourly workers, you need confidence that employees are clocking in and out at the job site.  An automated timekeeping system with GPS technology can provide location information on every employee clock-in and out.  Maps can show pinpoints of every punch.  It’s great data.  But do you know if that location is the actual job site?  To know if your employee was on the job when clocking in you would have to memorize the location of every job site.  If you have more than 20-30 sites, especially in urban areas, these lone pin drops on a map are pretty useless –  like a smart TV without a remote.  Chronotek has the technology to tell you the employee was “Located at Job” or “Located NOT at Job“!

The Chronotek system allows you input the address of every job site.  Then when employees clock in and out, we compare the mapped job site address with the GPS track and report in bold, bright letters if the employee was tracked at the job or not. If we report that he’s located at the job, no need to spend time looking at the map.  If he’s reported as not located at the job, then you can view a map that shows your job site AND where your employee was tracked. You don’t waste time wondering, “Is that a Waffle House or the job site?”  A smart time tracking system knows that both pieces of information are important and lays it right out for you.  You can conserve your valuable brain power for higher level issues.

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