I don’t mean to ruin your day, but what time today did your remote hourly employees arrive at work?  If you use handwritten timesheets, that question uncovers a problem, because you don’t truly know the answer. We can help. In this new series, Problem Solving, we will address common issues that companies face when managing remote, hourly workers.

Our first post today will deal with the most basic, fundamental problem that small businesses encounter when they hire hourly, remote employees – and that’s accurate time tracking. Workers out in the field, with little or no supervision, can be problematic. What time did they arrive at the job site? What time did they leave? How long did it take them to get to the next location? If using handwritten timesheets, you are putting 100% trust in your employees to accurately record their time and we’ve written before that you could be 30% off in your judgment. This is a potentially huge payroll problem.

An easy and efficient way to solve this problem is with an automated timekeeping system.  Employees simply use a smartphone app or make a quick toll-free call to clock in and out, and our system records the times…accurately!  Time cards are created online and are accessible with a click.  No more driving around to collect handwritten timesheets or waiting on employees to fax or email them in.  Process the hours for an accurate payroll in minutes.

With this one essential problem solved, you will have more time and more money to leverage into greater opportunities for your business. Or take a vacation.

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