We want to believe that all people can be trusted, but we think it’s better to approach it as Ronald Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.”

That’s wise advice when it comes to your employees.  This article sites a Kessler survey in which 30% of the respondents admitted to falsifying their time cards. Businesses need protection from the few who can easily take advantage of a handwritten time card payroll practice. Our automated timekeeping system captures accurate time with a simple toll-free call or a click on our new mobile app. In a post, Minding Your Minutes, we referred to an article that stated that small businesses lose 10 minutes a day from each employee due to time theft. These minutes compounded every day 52 weeks a year adds up to a number that will shock you.  Fourteen employees making $7.50 an hour could cost your business $375 a month in unearned pay. These are unearned minutes going towards overtime as well.

The financial impact is devastating and along with your bottom line, it’s your honest employees who suffer.  This wasted money could be used for their pay increases and incentives. Instead small businesses that don’t have a solution to the time theft problem struggle to just stay afloat.

This is the greatest injustice. Hardworking, honest employees lose their jobs due to the actions of a few.

We can be your advocate. We will give you freedom to trust while we verify.