Most employees are trustworthy. But if you own a service company with remote employees, you should do as Ronald Reagan said, “Trust but verify.” Labor costs are your highest expense and you need to rely on more than the honor system.

Employee Time Theft Can Be Stopped

A Kessler survey showed that 30% of the participants admitted to falsifying their time cards. You need protection from the few employees who take advantage of handwritten timesheets. Our online time clock app captures the accurate time with a simple toll-free call or a tap on our new mobile app. In a post, Minding Your Minutes, we referred to an article that stated small businesses lose 10 minutes a day from each employee due to time theft. These stolen minutes compound every day, 52 weeks a year, and add up to a shocking number.

Recapture and Reward

You and your honest employees suffer from employee time theft. Instead of losing money to handwritten timesheets, you could recapture the lost wages with our time clock app. Then reward your good employees with pay increases. Everyone is happy.

We can be your advocate. We’ll give you the freedom to trust while we verify.