Protect Company Profits

Today Americans between Oregon and South Carolina within the path of totality will experience a total eclipse of the sun. The moon will completely block the sun, and for a couple of minutes the areas in this path will be in darkness. While total eclipses in the United States are rare, many American small business owners face daily obstacles that threaten to eclipse their profits. Today we will discuss 3 of these threats and how our online employee time clock can help protect company profits.

  1. Inaccurately reported hours. Off-site employees fill out handwritten work timesheets or text in their hours. Your employees may be totally trustworthy, but it’s unlikely that their reported hours are 100% accurate:  an employee clock in at 8:02 am becomes 8:00 am, a clock out at 3:57 pm comes in as 4:00 pm.  And 5 minutes a day translates to almost 22 hours a year in paid, but unworked time. That’s one employee. Multiply by X for the size of your workforce. Studies show that when small businesses track work time with an online employee time clock, they can save up to 6% in payroll. This goes a long way to protect company profits.
  2. Unmonitored overtime. Our time clock app reports current, live time card information. This up-to-the-minute online access to employee hours is a huge advantage over handwritten time sheets. You have the ability to catch and prevent overtime. Nothing throws shade on your profits more than unnecessary time and a half.
  3. Employees not on the job. Handwritten time sheets tell a story that your employees are on the job, but have you ever done random drive-bys at job sites and your employees weren’t there? This time theft is preventable. Our time clock app gets a GPS track when your employee clocks in and we report live if he’s not GPS located at the job. Our GPS tracking  just keeps getting better! Stay tuned. It’s exciting.

Enjoy the eclipse today. It’s a marvelous event that testifies to the greatness of our Creator. Then consider how our employee time clock app can prevent the eclipse of your company’s profits.

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