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We get it. With a streamlined process, you still have options for managing offsite employees.

Easy Clock In and Out

Site Phones

Dial the Chronotek toll-free number. The Caller ID is captured to give location assurance. Link phones to guarantee job report accuracy. Call-In method allows for RVV (prevent buddy punching) and the voicemail system.

Cell Phones

Dial the Chronotek toll-free number. GPS track from carrier's network shows approximate location at clock-in/out. Unauthorize cell usage if needed. Two-way voicemail and RVV are invaluable communication tools.

Chronotek App

Simple tap with free app. GPS track from Location Services reports employee's location. Nearest job suggested by employee's location. Send in-app message to supervisor. View personal time cards and schedules.

Easy Clock In and Out

Manage Employees and Monitor Jobs

Schedules / Alerts

Know the status of job coverage with no-show/late alerts for missed job schedules. Also, know immediately when certain employees clock-in/out. View jobs scheduled vs. actual stats.

Messaging / Announcements

Two-way voicemail or in-app messaging includes "required" listen/read feature. Send company-wide messages or announcements.

Dashboard / Reports

Powerful app shows live punches and GPS location info at employee clock-in/out, denied location tracking, and missed schedules. Time Card Summary helps to monitor hours and control overtime.

Manage Employees and Monitor Jobs
Office Admin
Office Admin

Hours Automatically Calculated

Payroll Hours Ready

No more handwritten time cards. Pay period hours are automatically calculated with overtime by work week. 100% accurate clock-in/out times.

Job Costing Reports

Detail and Summary hours are organized by job in .csv and .pdf formats. Powerful Weekly Labor Cost Report. ACA reports for compliance tracking.

QuickBooks/Payroll Exports

Time cards are passed to QuickBooks with absolutely no file handling. Calculated hours export to many payroll service formats.

Payroll Snapshot

Save Time and Save Money

Payroll Savings

No more padded time cards. Overtime controlled. Have confidence that jobs are covered. Make $7 for every $1.25 invested!

Numbers Crunched

View total hours by employee or job. Quick report for Labor Cost differences by hours and dollars. Predictive job Budget Planner uses actuals and future schedules.

App for Anytime Analysis

Use the app or Admin Site dashboards for real-time visibility to your business. Save time with quick in-app messages to supervisors.

Save Time and Save Money
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Know WHO clocks in, know WHERE employees are located, know WHEN employees work.
It's just that simple.
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