Last weekend my family took me out for my birthday. It was a nice restaurant by the water with live music. Perfect spot for me. Everyone ordered ice water and since they were paying, I didn’t order water. I also selected one of the more expensive entrees on the menu. Hey, it’s your birthday only once a year.  It was a delicious meal and a nice evening. Then it happened. The waitress walked over with the bill and my family pointed to me. Surprise! Happy birthday to me.

As a small business owner with offsite employees, you want to avoid most surprises. The biggest surprise you want is to walk into your company break room and discover that your favorite coffee flavor pod is out of stock. Even that can be traumatic on a Monday morning. You definitely don’t want a phone call from a great client saying his building wasn’t cleaned the night before. Or get to the end of the month to discover that you lost money on a job. How about a friendly audit by the labor board that learns you’re not paying required travel time? Here’s something that happened to one of our clients. He got his renewal for worker’s comp and it increased by 25%. Fortunately, the historical data from our online timekeeping system gave him ammunition to fight back. This isn’t so easy to do with handwritten timesheets.

Don’t be blindsided by unexpected problems that often arise with offsite employees. Our mobile time clock system is your secret weapon that keeps you in front of all potential issues and gives you the information to make the best decisions.

What are you doing over the next 30 days? Why not get a jump on your competition and try us for free?

We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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