Your phone rings, and you’re barely into your last sleep cycle. It’s an angry client firing you because their building wasn’t cleaned last night. You tell yourself it’s a bad dream, but the yelling sounds too real. What a way to start your day! Don’t let no-shows rip apart the business you’ve built when there’s a simple solution.

Prevent No-Shows with a Time Clock App

Handwritten timesheets, with their inherent inaccuracies, are a money trap, but they’re also kryptonite for your business. The number one thing handwritten timesheets can’t do is tell you when remote employees don’t show up to work. And isn’t that the most important thing to you?

The easiest way to ensure that your employees serve every client is to use a work management system. Schedule employees’ work, set late alerts, and lie down at night with confidence that an angry customer won’t wake you up. A no-show email alert may disrupt your dreams, but you’d take that interruption over an angry call any day.

Build Best Practices Into Your Business

Once upon a time, handwritten timesheets were an acceptable method of collecting time for remote employees. But not today. The best practice for tracking employee time now is done with a 17-second clock-in on a time clock app. You’ll get the peace of mind that your jobs are covered and much more. The best part about this best practice is that you’ll save money in the process.

Start the New Year by guaranteeing more peaceful nights and fewer angry customers.

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