Your phone rings in the early morning before you’ve turned on your Keurig. It’s an angry client firing you because his building wasn’t cleaned last night. Again! You pinch yourself. Maybe it’s a bad dream. Unfortunately not and definitely not a great way to start a day, especially before coffee. This is a true story for a janitorial company owner we spoke to recently. He used handwritten timesheets and had no way of monitoring in real time if his employees were a no-show at his sites. We wish he’d contacted us sooner. He would still have a happy customer. We hope that our new series, Avoid These 8 Major Pitfalls to Succeed In Your Business, is giving you much to think about going into the new year. To grow your business you need to keep current customers and acquire new ones. Today we will explain how you can go to bed each night with peace of mind that if an employee is a no-show, you will know about it and your customer will not.

Delivering superior service to your customers and staying on top of your business in real time is easy to do. Our clock in, clock out app-based and call-in timekeeping solution allows you to create schedules for jobs and set no-show alerts. These alerts are sent to your email or text address if your employee doesn’t clock in by a time you set. It’s that simple. Sleep worry-free through the night with the confidence that your phone will buzz if there’s a problem. Then wake up, make a call for a replacement and go back to sleep.

Every business needs a secret weapon, a competitive edge over the competition. Yours is us. Let the small business owners in town using handwritten timesheets suffer lost customers. You are smarter with Smart Time Tracking.

Start the New Year off by guaranteeing yourself more peaceful nights. We are so confident that our system will give you peace of mind, payroll savings, and happy customers, that we give you 30 days free to try it out.

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