Don’t be alarmed when you see teenagers walk around your neighborhood staring at their smartphones and waving them in the air. And you might notice people aimlessly trekking circles in the woods behind your house. They’re probably not zombies. It’s likely that all of these people are playing augmented reality GPS based games, like Pokémon Go and Geocaching, on their smartphones.  But GPS is for more than just fun and games.

IMG_2903Many small businesses who manage a remote workforce use our timekeeping system to automate the time card collection process. Their employees can clock in and out on our mobile app and we will report the GPS location of the punches. Our system will visually display if the punches are tracked at the job site (or the McDonald’s drive-thru). It’s a great management and accountability tool.  If you get a “not located at job” result, call your employee and inquire.  Now he or she knows that you are watching.  To paraphrase what we’ve said before, don’t expect what you don’t inspect.

IMG_2904However, we always caution small business owners and managers to use the location data as a tool and not a smoking gun to fire an employee. GPS location technology, is just that-technology, not a science.  A million and one variables can alter technological results.  This article gives great detail on the many factors that can affect GPS accuracy.  Use the results obtained by our system as a tool to see red flag patterns develop that need to be addressed.  Hopefully, most of your clock-in and clock-out tracks will show “located at the job”.  Nice.  You don’t need to worry about those. Just deal with the GPS tracks showing your employees “not located at the job” and then take into account everything else you know about these employees.  How many “not at job” results has the employee given you in the last 3 months?  How many times has the employee been late?  How many no-shows?  How often is the employee too far over or under job budgets?

Chronotek can answer all of these questions to help build a profile on the employee.  The GPS tracking is an especially fantastic tool for many business owners with off-site employees.  When your kids show you their Pokémon captures, you can show them your employee locations.  Technology continues to become a great business tool.

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