What in the world would we do without Administrative Professionals? While small businesses are the backbone of the United States economy, Administrative Professionals are the rock stars who keep these small businesses, large corporations and government entities moving along. We at Chronotek thank every one of you for helping America keep businesses going.

With 154 million workers, full and part time, to hire, manage, process payroll and handle HR issues for, the daily tasks of Administrative Professionals are monumentally important. We are glad we can help Administrative Professionals with tools to capture and create automated time cards; easily report overtime; monitor job budgets; track GPS locations of remote employees; alert supervisors of no-show employees and so much more. The gift  of ‘ease’ in controlling labor is something that your admins will enjoy every day.  We would be honored to help your admins get started with our online, remote employee management system with mobile timekeeping system. 

Have a great day, Admins!

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