Don’t you love Google reviews? They’re real people giving honest opinions about the products and services you need. Online surveys accomplish this same thing. We conducted one recently to see if we are hitting our target – help small business owners save money on payroll and save time processing payroll hours.

The Two Survey Questions About Handwritten Timesheets

In the spirit of keeping things simple, we asked two questions:

  • Have you spent less on labor dollars as a direct result of using Chronotek instead of handwritten timesheets? If so, how much have you saved?
  • Compared to using handwritten timesheets, how much time do you save processing payroll hours each pay period with Chronotek?

The Survey Results – Payroll and Admin Time Savings

chart save money on payroll and time

A note about the 57% on the Payroll Savings chart – 20% saved more than 10% on payroll dollars out of that number. These results prove that handwritten time cards are indeed a money trap.

And what would you do with an extra 3 hours a week?

What Does This Survey Mean to Your Service Company?

Let’s illustrate this further with a story about a fictional service company called Top Shelf Cleaning Company. Top Shelf is struggling due to rising labor costs.

Numbers for Top Shelf Cleaning Company:

  • 25-employee commercial cleaning business (all part-time employees)
  • 20 hours a week at $14 per hour(1)
  • $7,000 weekly payroll + FICA and worker’s comp.

Top Shelf Cleaning Cleaning Company signs up for our employee time clock system. Based on our survey results, Top Shelf should save at least 5% on labor costs.

What Does a 5% Monthly Labor Cost Savings Mean to Top Shelf?

payroll savings

Are You Ready to Save Time and Money?

Employee time tracking isn’t a difficult concept. Labor is a service company’s highest expense, and accurate timekeeping directly impacts labor costs.

Save money on payroll and save time processing payroll. Small business owners around the country say that they are enjoying these benefits. We verified – it’s more than just our feelings 🙂

Let us help you, also.


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