Our mission is to help small business owners save money on payroll and save time processing payroll hours. So, while we felt that our online time clock app accomplished these goals, we wanted to survey our customers to see if we’re hitting the mark –  because as you know, facts don’t care about our feelings.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, we asked 2 questions:

  • Have you spent less on labor dollars as a direct result of using Chronotek instead of handwritten timesheets? If so, how much have you saved?
  • Compared to using handwritten timesheets, how much time do you save processing payroll hours each pay period with Chronotek?


The Results

chart save money on payroll and time


A note about the 57% on the Payroll Savings chart – out of that number, 20% saved more than 10% on payroll dollars. We believe these results offer sufficient evidence that handwritten time cards are indeed a money trap. But let’s illustrate further with a little math example. We will assume that you are the owner of a 50 employee remote service business. These 50 employees are part-time and work 20 hours a week at $8 per hour. Your weekly payroll is $8000 (not to mention FICA and worker’s comp). Imagine saving over $400 a week on payroll by switching to our time clock app (based on 5% payroll savings).  Your monthly windfall of $1740 comes at an investment cost of only $264. It’s not a difficult concept. Labor is a service company’s largest expense and accurate timekeeping has the most direct impact on labor costs.

Save money on payroll and save time processing payroll. Small business owners around the country say that they are enjoying these benefits. We verified – it’s more than just our feelings 🙂

Let us help you, also.


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