Tracking employee attendance is one of the main pillars to running a successful business. But why is it so helpful? With the help of Chronotek’s Smart Time Tracking, and a few tips and tricks, you can be on the road to a better working attendance tracking system.

One of the biggest hassles a business can face is employee absenteeism. The U.S. Department of Labor estimated in a 2017 study, that on any given day almost 3 percent of a company’s workforce was missing. This is a problem often not addressed efficiently, or without the right knowledge on how to properly prevent the issue. Not having a working system for accurately monitoring your employee’s attendance can come at some pretty high costs. Things such as loss of company morale, a lower rate of productivity, and even the cost of temporary labor costs, can be a huge burden on companies not well equipped to handle this stress.

Along with these costs, tracking how well your company is performing in the productivity department allows you to know when more help is needed within your organization. By tracking which employees or departments have the highest rate of absence can help you find issues within your policies or identify the reason those employees are missing so much.
There are some easy tips you can implement within your company to help fight against absenteeism. Coming up with an effective system for tracking the amount of time an employee is absent is paramount. Employing an absentee spreadsheet for your HR team is a simple way of tracking attendance. A couple of other of the most commonly used solutions would be, to have weekly time reports, and having an attendance policy in place that all staff is up to date on.

Offering incentives for employees that have great attendance can help to encourage ample presence in the workday. Common incentives include an end-of-year bonus or end-of-quarter bonus given to those with stellar attendance. Keeping company morale at its best is another great way to decrease absenteeism rates within your company. Having good relationships between management and other employees boosts attendance amongst employees, and in turn, can lead to better performance in your organization. Even small things like making sure employees are paid in full and on-time are easy ways to lessen the amount of absenteeism.

Providing an easy-to-use system that allows employees to clock-in and out, like with the Chronotek time clock, helps ease the risk of absent workers. Having a system like this in place will also lessen the burden to other departments. Allowing employees to record their attendance lowers the amount of stress one person may have when entering the attendance data.

The chaos of running a business can lead to many missed issues. Implementing a system like Chronotek will alleviate the stress of employee absenteeism to your company. Don’t let the strain of employee absence get you down, and instead get ahead of the problem with these tips.

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