Are You Playing On Your Field of Dreams?

As we approach the exciting days of the MLB playoffs and the World Series, I recall my childhood dream of being a Major League pitcher. After pitching a 2-1 victory over the best team in our Little League tournament, I thought I was well on my way. Then somewhere on my meteoric rise to fame, I stopped growing, couldn’t throw a curveball and my fastball wasn’t so fast anymore. You had a dream once. It was to create your own business, be your own boss, captain your own ship, control your destiny. How’s that going? Did life throw you a curveball?

Take a Leap of Faith

Has your dream dissolved into sleepless nights? As owner, you also function as the bookkeeper, salesperson, window washer and chief jack of all trades. You may have remote employees who surely help keep your doors open.  But who manages them, tracks their attendance, performs quality control inspections on their work and fills in when they call out or no-show? It’s that tired, befuddled, sleep-deprived person staring back at you in the mirror. To grow your business, at some point you have to make a strategic, carefully planned leap of faith to hire someone to replace one of the caps you wear.

Put the Power of Time Card Software on Your Team

There comes a time to hire or streamline your business. The bottle-neck generally happens when you grow to about 20-25 employees. Collecting and calculating handwritten timesheets for this many remote employees causes a headache like you’ve been beaned with a fastball. What if an online time card system had employee management features that could delay the need to hire a full time administrator or field supervisor? In fact, our mobile time clock app provides real-time visibility over employees while you are out prospecting for new clients. And the easy clock in, clock out functionality provides actual time worked to save money on payroll – every pay period, put money back in your pocket! A robust employee management system with automated payroll reports allows the business to grow once again as more time is freed up for you to do what you do best.

Raising Your Batting Average

As the business continues to grow there will soon be a time to hire out your weaknesses. We’ve heard from many of our employee time tracking customers that they too had to take this leap of faith. You have to decide how your time is best invested. Leverage your strengths and find people to counter those weaknesses. Your new admin/manager can do what he does best-tracking and managing the daily flow of work by your employees. Equipped with our online time card software he can use no-show schedules to ensure that all jobs are covered and done in a timely manner. If you are truly great at business networking and meeting prospects, your time is best spent in that arena. Raise your batting average and do more of what you do best-getting new customers on the books and increasing revenues! While you play to your strengths bringing new customers in, your talented admin is using a tool to keep them happy while minimizing payroll expenses.

With everyone working within their areas of strengths assisted by the technological advantage of our time card software, you will have the time to reclaim your dream. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

Take the first step to get your dream back. Sign up today for a free 30 day trial on our time card software.

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