How often do you think of the day when you got your first client? He reviewed your bid, looked you in the eyes, and asked, “when can you start?” You barely contained your excitement. You wanted to hug the man. That was the day that you began to carve out your own slice of the American dream. You’ve had many sleepless nights and backbreaking days since, but it’s never bothered you. What you’re building is your own. And, you’ve navigated the choppy waters of today’s economy, and have managed to build up a nice portfolio of jobs. Fact is, your work and what you have built is your largest investment. Now, when you go to bed at night your most critical concern isn’t if you’ll make payroll on Friday, but it’s whether you’ve done everything possible to protect your life’s work.

The new Chronotek was created for you.

We say “created” with intention. There’s not another service business ecosystem like it. The new Chronotek was forged from 25 years of providing time-tracking and employee management to service-based businesses to answer an owner’s most pressing and important question – am I building wealth?

We answer that question and help protect it while equipping you with the tools to build more wealth, more efficiently.

Our Profit Forecasting Dashboard™ transforms your business beyond just making payroll to knowing in advance if each and every job is going to make or lose you money. In live, interactive color see which jobs need schedule adjustments to bring them back into the green. Jobs are bid, but as you know, when the clock starts, life happens and budgets get derailed. That’s less likely to be your final outcome when you can see the end from the beginning and every second in between.

Yes, it’s a bit like having a super-power.

Equipped with your new powers, you’ll be able to find money that was getting lost in inefficient scheduling – more experienced, higher-paid employees at jobs than planned; future overtime or travel time that wasn’t accounted for – yes, we can show you these things so that you can adjust and put your hard-earned money back in your pocket.

Get out of your day-to-day worries and protect your life’s work by seeing the future.

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