When was the last time you made a 300x return in your service business?  We’re not promising you a 300x return. That statement bears repeating – we’re not promising you a 300x return. But daydream for a moment with us. Imagine that you invested $1000 in Bitcoin on January 1, 2015. That $1000 would’ve exploded into $278,088 as of September 16, 2021, if you never touched it. Wouldn’t that be nice? But that type of return can’t be predicted or expected. And unfortunately, it’s impossible with most investments to predict and manage the returns. It’s hard enough to know how to maintain profits. You can’t see the end from the beginning.

Or can you?

When we invest in stocks, mutual funds, and crypto coins, we monitor the prices daily but have no control over our returns (except for choosing when to buy and sell). Your most significant investment as a small business owner is your business and jobs/projects. The new commercial cleaning account you got last week was an investment. For the annual contract of $5,000, you plan to invest $3000 on labor and supplies to make a profit of $2000. You set the plan in motion and wait. Sadly, that’s as far as it goes for many small business owners –  other than knowing if they make payroll week to week.

Your Profit Killers

Life rarely goes as expected. 2020 – can I get an amen? Turnover is high, good employees are hard to find, and you have to pay them more — much more than you budgeted in some cases.   And now more than ever, employees call out or don’t show up, forcing supervisors to schedule higher-paid employees or work the job themselves. The resulting labor adjustments can cause unplanned overtime or haphazard route planning, which sends travel pay to the moon. These events kill your profits, create headaches, and keep you bogged down in your business’s little moment-to-moment worries.

Step ahead of all of that madness.

This is How to Maintain Profits – Real-time Job Reporting

Now see the end from the beginning and every second in between with Chronotek’s new business intelligence machine. Go ahead and pick a spot on your office wall for a big-screen monitor. You’ll want it for our jobs analysis dashboard. The dashboard is a live, interactive color screen with a list of all your active jobs, just like you were monitoring your stock portfolio. It’s easy to see when actual work hours are higher than planned and when OT occurs on your jobs. Ultimately, see when your profits are slipping. The new Chronotek puts all the crucial, actionable information in front of you, not buried in a spreadsheet.

The best part – see how operation adjustments affect predicted revenue and gross profit. It will be the most lucrative, engaging, and functional business tool you’ve ever used.

Your Life is About to Get Better

Many of us missed out on Bitcoin. However, for the first time as a small business owner, you can invest in a job and proactively guide it to the profit you want. In today’s challenging economic climate, working hard is not enough. You need every edge, every advantage. Give your company a boost with a business intelligence machine that has the power of foresight and shows you how to maintain profits.

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