If you are a small business owner with off-site employees, there’s about a 56% chance that these employees own smartphones. And if you are still using handwritten timesheets to track their time, there’s a 100% chance that your payroll is higher than it should be. Technology can be a powerful force for positive change in your business and it’s readily accessible at your fingertips…or your employees’ fingertips.

We wrote a couple of blog posts last year about a tool that almost everyone over the age of 14 possesses in his or her pocket…the phone. It can be used for more than updating Facebook status, sending tweets and uploading pictures to Instagram. A phone can capture accurate time of your employees, facilitate management efforts and save your business money. When used with the Chronotek Telephone Timekeeping System, it’s the only hardware you need and you don’t need to buy it.

Since we posted these 2 blogs last year, technology has only gotten better and your opportunity to harness it greater. We have introduced a new method to capture remote employees’ time punches…Web Clock Ins via their smartphone browsers. Instead of calling to clock in, employees can have access to our mobile website to punch in. It is quick, easy and provides a very accurate GPS track of their location.

In addition, access can be given on the mobile site for your employees to view their hours worked and any job schedules you have created for them. Doesn’t this sound like less management on your end? No more calls from employees wanting to know when they work next and how many hours they have accumulated. Give them access to our mobile site and put the responsibility on them to keep up with this information.

Sign up for a free trial on our telephone and now smartphone web-enhanced timekeeping system. Use the prevalence of smartphone technology to give your small business some horsepower this year.