handwritten timesheetsThis will happen to you one day. A revelation. You will wake up and through sleepy eyes check your emails, and just like every day for the past decade, you will delete the same emails without reading them. You know the ones – the grocery store, the department store, the car parts store, the coupon website, the online dating site although you’ve been married for 8 years, etc., etc., etc. And then it will hit you! A distinct clarity that excites you and yet feels a bit defiant.

Why am I still allowing these emails into my inbox every day?

Deleting them every day has become so much a part of your routine, it’s scary to think about unsubscribing from them.  After all, what if you miss a big sale?  It feels a bit like breaking up.  And you wonder how you got to this point of having so many email subscriptions?

But it happens. And not just with emails.  We get stuck in mindless routines all of the time, and some of these routines can be expensive.  Many of our customers who use our mobile app and telephone timekeeping system shared a similar story as it relates to managing their off-site, hourly employees.  One late night after a full day of being the small business owner, the sales and marketing team of one, the part-time fill-in worker, and now the bookkeeper trying to do payroll, they stare at the pile of employee handwritten timesheets.  Some timesheets are missing, some are illegible scribbles, others are half-completed, and a few are truly mysterious.  And the fog finally lifts and the light bulb flips on. These handwritten timesheets have clock in, clock out times of 5pm and 9pm every single day, Monday through Friday, for the past 2 weeks.  These employees are 100% consistent, on time with their clock in and clock out times for 10 straight work days.  And when they look back to the previous pay period, and the one before that, it’s the same pattern.  Enough!  They realize it’s about time to unsubscribe from the outdated practice of the honor system and employee handwritten timesheets.

And they are right.  As we have mentioned before, the American Payroll Association conducted a study concluding that small business owners with remote, hourly employees can save 2-6% on payroll by switching to a telephone timekeeping system for employee clock in, clock out times.  In the above example, the employees are claiming and writing in 88 hours a month.  A 5% savings captured by using an accurate, automated and online timekeeping system is 4.4 hours per month.  For a small company of 10 employees that’s 44 hours.  At the 2017 federal minimum wage rate of $7.25, your company could be overpaying by $319 a month.  Since we’re doing a deep dive here, let’s add the 7.65% for FICA and Medicare and you’re up to $343 a month in wasteful spending.

Chronotek charges a monthly base fee of $14 plus $5 per employee per month. These 10 employees would cost just $64 a month, to get back $343.

You won’t find an email in your inbox that potentially gives you a 435% return on your money like our system.  We are one subscription worth having.

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