You protect your customers with the strictest standards of accountability, but does your security guard company safeguard itself? The enemy may be within your own gates. If so, it erodes and destroys the very thing that keeps your business viable to protect your customers – profits. What is the enemy? Lack of comprehensive oversight into the labor hours of your offsite, hourly security officers. This is most certainly true if your company uses handwritten timesheets to track time. Our employee time clock system is armed with customized tools to expand your oversight and tighten your control over labor hours.

5 Profit Protectors For Security Guard Companies

  • Lock it down. In 20+ years of time card management, our security guard customers tell us that their #1 issue is that guards will clock in early and out late. These unplanned, unbudgeted minutes across your whole staff turn into hours, and these hours undermine your profits. Our scheduling system is integrated with our exclusive Shift Lock ™ technology. We tailored Shift Lock for businesses that do not allow employees to clock in early (or clock out late) to a scheduled shift. Our system informs employees on clock-in that they are not to start work early, and their time cards will reflect the scheduled shift times. Now labor hours match your budget.
  • What happened to 7:05 am, 7:08 am, etc.?  Every handwritten time card is 7 am-4 pm every single day. It’s amazing, right? What’s amazing is the amount of unworked, unearned time that you pay. You diligently defend your customers against theft, but what about the time theft in your own business? Time theft costs American businesses $400 billion each year, but we can help your company get some of that back. Security guards either call or use our mobile app to clock in/out, and accurate time is stamped on each punch. This results in true time cards and payroll savings.
  • No-shows are no good. Trust is the leading factor in why you get and keep customers; probably more so than in any other industry. Your clients trust you with their lives, their property, their money, and their customers’ lives. Your security guard company gives them a sense of security and peace. When your security guards don’t show up, their security, as well as their trust, gets thrown off-kilter. The problem is compounded if your client knows about the matter before you do. We help you save face and your accounts with our scheduled no-show alerts. Receive a text/email alert when your guards don’t show up by their scheduled times. Let us tell you about the issue in time to do something about it instead of your client the next day.
  • No-show’s deceptive step-sister. Just not showing up to work is one thing, but pretending to and not is an entirely different story. The result is the same: you are paying for work not done, and your customer isn’t protected and served. We have a few ways to validate that your security guards are on the job when they claim to be. 1) We report the caller ID of all clock-in/out calls. 2) Simply block CIDs that aren’t your job sites. 3) Our exclusive Linked Phone feature links a job site CID to the job site. The bottom line is that if your guard calls from another phone, he/she can’t clock in. 4) Clock-ins with our time clock app have Smart Tracks™ technology to report if your guards are on the job site or not when clocking in/out. Job site verification is important to you, so it is important to us.
  • Report it. Of course, we have employee time card reports for payroll. Your clients may want confirmation of the times that your security guards were on their sites. We have the job reports you need to satisfy them. Our job reports also help monitor the labor hours for each client. Compare budgeted hours vs. labor hours or scheduled hours vs. actual worked hours or budgeted labor dollars vs. actual labor dollars spent. We don’t come up short when it comes to a report 🙂

People, Property, and Profits

Is your security guard company armed with the best resources available to protect those things most important to you? Our employee time and attendance system protects the people and property that depend upon your business and safeguards your profits. Give it a try for 30 days free.

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