Some Gifts Aren’t Wrapped

Christmas Day just passed amidst a flurry of flying wrapping paper and beautiful bows. Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? You may have received more than you realize as some gifts aren’t wrapped.

Every Day Is Filled With Gifts

It’s a good time to reflect on your past year both professionally and personally. Every day was an opportunity for a gift. Yes, some were real material gifts maybe, but others were gifts in the form of new people you met, business prospects that become customers, innovative ideas, experiences (both good and bad), new ways to do things, great employee hires, and a million other things. The list is endless.

Make A List

It’s very helpful (and therapeutic) to make a list of these “gifts” received over the past year. Here’s a list why:

  • It keeps you grateful. When you consider that new customer as a gift, it helps when they call with a complaint.
  • Experiences (good and bad) aren’t wasted. As Oprah said, “Turn wounds into wisdom.”
  • You’re reminded that other people contributed to the success of your business. You might also be prompted to write a thank you card to a few employees. That is always good for company morale.
  • It helps you recalibrate. How did things go this year? Take time to consider the wins and the losses and the lessons learned to set the right course for next year.
  • It jogs your memory. Last June, when your angry customer called about the previous night’s no-show at his building, you might’ve considered implementing an employee telephone timekeeping system to prevent that from happening again, but you smoothed things over with your client and then forgot about it. It’s still a great idea.

We consider our customers a gift every day. We thank you for your loyalty and your decision to use our online employee management system. We hope and pray that you have a prosperous New Year blessed with many gifts.

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