For over 18 years we have listened to our customers and their valuable feedback has led to great innovations in our system. The “out in the field” experience is a prized laboratory for our technical department. Sometimes our customers even tell us of ways they are using our system that causes us to pause and say, “Ahhh, now that is smart!”  We thought we would pass a couple of these ingenious ideas along.

While showing a new customer how to set up job schedules (in order to receive no-show alerts), his interest was triggered with our “Late Check-Out” alerts.

One of his employees was accidentally locked in a bank vault while cleaning one night. The poor guy was MIA until the next morning when the bank manager opened the vault!  If this customer had been using our system, then the late check-out alert would have prompted him to follow up with the employee. He was also excited that this feature could alert him in the event an employee has an accident and can’t clock out. What a great use of the system!

Some companies only want to track employee attendance (and not hours worked).  Chronotek has a feature called “Auto Safeguard for Missed Clock-Outs” whereby a time card is automatically closed after a specific timeframe. This protects (and resets) the employee’s time card in case they forget to clock-out.  This feature can be adapted to meet specific needs, just like the story below.

A customer hosted a special event at a remote location and her primary concern was to know that all her employees showed up. She only needed Chronotek for time and attendance, so she set the Auto Safeguard for Missed Clock-Outs to “0” hours for all of her employees.  When the employees clocked-in, the system automatically closed the time cards (which prevented any time accrual).  She also created job schedules for this event so she would receive an alert if an employee did not arrive.  With these combined features, she was confident that her staff showed up…and received alerts if they didn’t.

There you have it; great ideas straight from the field. If you have any, please let us know. We love to be “wowed”!  Click here if you would like to see how other companies are using our system.