Fall is here, and a refreshing sense of relief and revival comes. The summer heat has passed, the busyness of vacations is over, and the kids are back in school. It’s when many business owners consider better business practices to carry into the new year.

Save time and money by tracking remote workers with a web-based and telephone timekeeping system.

How Chronotek Helps You Save Time and Money

Employee Self-service

Your employees can check their schedules and view their time cards on our time clock app. Stop printing and emailing schedules. Recapture your valuable time and look for new business. Chronotek Mobile is also a great management tool for supervisors.

QuickBooks Integration

Are you still manually entering time into QuickBooks for payroll?  Save time and use our QuickBooks Interface (API) to seamlessly export time card data from our system to the employee timesheet section of QuickBooks.

Budget Planning Tool

Create a seasonal or term job budget and see employee hours calculated against the budget. We display the hours with live, color-coded charts. Know when budgets go off course and make quick scheduling corrections with the fully integrated Schedule Manager. Keep your budgets on track; preserve your profitability.

Overtime Reporting

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA)  looming in 2015, businesses with fifty full-time equivalent employees will have to provide health insurance coverage or pay a penalty. It’s imperative to closely monitor employee hours to keep them under 30 hours per week. Check weekly employee hours (from the most to the least) with the Over 40 Check Report. It’s impossible to monitor this with handwritten timesheets.  According to a national study, employers lose 10 minutes a day due to employee theft.  That’s almost an hour a week, which could be the difference between 29 and the statutory 30-hour full-time status.

Start on a fresh new path this fall by trying these four excellent business practices and see how they can transform your business.