The smartphone has solved a lot of problems in the world today. Well, if we don’t want to classify them as problems, we can at least agree that smartphones have simplified life.

Hanging a picture and need to know if it’s straight? Grab your level. Oh, can’t find it? No “problem”. Just download a level app from the App Store.

Need to deposit a check and the bank is closed? No problem. With your bank’s mobile app, you can take a picture of the check and deposit it just before putting on your pajamas to go to bed.

Forget to record the season opener of Justified and you’re 42 miles away from home? Again, not a problem. Your smartphone can handle that issue as well.

Do you have remote employees to manage?  Don’t have the ability to supervise each site?  We have your back with some major enhancements to our mobile site that can be utilized on your smartphone or tablet. This is also a great tool for your supervisors who have limited access to manage the employees and jobs in which they are responsible.

Here’s a quick run-down of the “Great 8” ways that our mobile site can improve your life.

  1. If you have an employee call in sick one morning while you are at a breakfast meeting, simply pull up the mobile site on your phone and check for other employees not scheduled to serve as a replacement.  See all of your employees’ weekly schedules with a quick view of their total scheduled hours and actual worked hours week to date. Then click on an employee to see his day to day.
  2. A supervisor can use the web clock method to clock in his entire crew at one time. This saves time and ensures that each employee’s time card gets started and is correct.
  3. Easily see no-shows over the last 12 hours. The direct supervisor may already be aware if she received the late alerts, but the owner or higher level supervisor can keep track of the business with this mobile report without dealing with alerts.
  4. At a glance, see which employees are late to scheduled jobs. Detail includes the job, the scheduled time and the actual clock in time along with the differential.
  5. Review who is currently on the clock. Is there any employee still clocked in who should have clocked out 2 hours ago?  A supervisor might need to check it out.  Did she run into a problem or just forget to clock out?
  6. Need to know every employee who clocked in or out over the past 24 hours?  It’s there.
  7. Make sure that employees aren’t clocking in/out from the bar down the street by viewing the location of their punches (if applicable).
  8. Monitor weekly hours to stop overtime before it happens. Mobile Chronotek reports each employee’s hours, accumulated week to date in descending order.

Our goal is to simplify your life so that you can spend time pursuing the things that bring you joy. Maybe that’s hanging pictures or catching up on good TV shows…