Deal or No Deal

If someone said, “Hey, toss me a quarter and I’ll give you a dollar back”, would you take the deal? I’m thinking you would. You’d find all of the quarters you can and back up a truck. For businesses using handwritten time cards to track their employees’ time, Chronotek has such a deal. Let’s talk about your single highest monthly business expense. It’s labor costs, right? (especially if you use handwritten timesheets). Would you make a small investment to significantly cut labor costs?

No Fake News Here

A study by the American Payroll Association estimated that small businesses could cut labor costs up to 6% in payroll by switching from handwritten employee timesheets to a telephone time tracking system. Employees call a toll-free number to clock in from the job site building or use a mobile app instead of writing their time down on timesheets. Maybe you think that you can’t afford to track employee hours with a system like Chronotek and what’s 6% anyway? You’d be surprised.

Here’s an example at a 4% savings.

cut labor costs

This is not fake news. Handwritten timesheets are killing your profits. That 4% savings represents the difference between the time written on timesheets by your employees and the time accurately captured by our employee time clock system. Our system is not a cost; it’s an investment – with benefits. The return on investment is only part of the savings.


I Can Cut Labor Costs By 6% and There’s More?

Yes, there are many other benefits to automating your timekeeping process:

  • Save time by not having to collect and process manual time cards
  • Run payroll reports with accurate time cards
  • Receive alerts when employees do not show for jobs
  • Prevent buddy punching with Random Voice Verification
  • Send voice or in-app messages your employees must listen to/read

Put another way, approximately every $1 invested in Chronotek could yield a return of $7.  Can you afford to wait any longer?  Cut labor costs, work smarter and stay ahead of your competition by implementing proven technology.  Get your truck and we will load up your savings!

We’ll give you 30 days free to try it.

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