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5 Ideas to Maximize Efficiency In Your Business

5 Ways To Use Automation To Improve Work Efficiency

Posted on 26 Oct 2018

The big box hardware store is awesome, but I’m learning a few things that improve my experience there. Recently, I’ve tackled many projects that required 25-30 bags of pebbles that weigh close to 50lbs each. I used to load them onto my flatbed cart, load them into my vehicle and then unload them at the […]

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NEVER Do These Things If You Manage Remote Employees

3 Tips for Managing Remote Employees

Posted on 06 Sep 2017

Have you ever tried to round up a dozen cats into the tub for a bath? I haven’t personally (although there is probably a YouTube video), but I can imagine that the task is similar to managing remote employees. Did everyone show up? Are they where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed […]

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Ways Your Company Profits Are Eclipsed

3 Ways To Protect Company Time

Posted on 21 Aug 2017

Today Americans between Oregon and South Carolina within the path of totality will experience a total eclipse of the sun. The moon will completely block the sun, and for a couple of minutes the areas in this path will be in darkness. While total eclipses in the United States are rare, many American small business […]

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Problem Solving: Payroll Time Conversions

How to Convert Minutes: Payroll Time Conversions

Posted on 30 Oct 2016

Each week on payroll day do you convert employee Bob’s 28 hours and 12 minutes worked to a decimal value so that you know how much to pay him? And then do the same for 15 other employees? Your head probably hurts just thinking about it. Would you like to simplify payroll? In our new […]

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