Whether you calculate payroll monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly, we can all agree that the time it takes to manually enter employee timesheets is time we’d rather spend on other work. Since payroll systems require the times to be in decimal format, this can create an extra step for businesses using manual timesheets. That’s why a convenient cheat sheet or conversion calculator is a must-have tool for payroll day.

How to Convert Hours and Minutes to Decimals for Payroll

While it’s easy to convert quarter and half-hour times to decimals, most of us can’t convert 5:41 to decimal hours in our heads. This chart helps you quickly convert minutes to decimal hours.

Still need to process payroll faster? Our free time card calculator allows you to enter start and stop times in hours and minutes. It then calculates the hours worked in decimal format for you to enter into your payroll system quickly.

Simplify Your Payroll Process with Chronotek

Want to save even more time on payroll? Chronotek fully integrates with multiple payroll systems to seamlessly help you calculate payroll. As employees clock in and out, our powerful employee tracking system enables time card hours to be automatically calculated by the company’s workweek for any pay cycle interval.