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The Top Two Ways Employees Steal Time and How To Prevent It

Posted on 13 Aug 2020

While you’re busy running your business, it can be hard to keep track of seemingly small problems like employees taking long breaks. But when your employees take advantage of these minutes meant to be used for work, it adds up in the long run. Let’s say your employee arrives to work at 6:02 pm and […]

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How to Set Up an Employee Clock-In Clock-Out System

Posted on 11 Aug 2020

Do you need help finding the right attendance tracking system for your employees? Chronotek offers three easy ways to clock in and out using our employee time tracking software. It’s simple for employees to use and connects seamlessly with our reporting tools so you can always stay on top of your jobs and budget. Here’s […]

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lifeguards working at pool

Chronotek – Ultimate Time Tracking for Lifeguards

Posted on 21 Apr 2020

Warmer weather is here! As a result, lifeguard and pool management companies across the nation are preparing to open pools for a few months of sunshine and splashing in the water. With guest safety a top concern, pool companies need scheduling and time tracking tools to ensure that lifeguards cover all of the pool sites. […]

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woman working from home

Time Tracking Software For Remote Employees Who Work From Home

Posted on 13 Apr 2020

Read how Chronotek’s Time Tracking Software Helps You Keep Tabs on Remote Employees Who Work from Home With more and more employees asking for and businesses offering remote work opportunities, it’s not surprising to see that over 4.7 million employees work from home. It’s becoming a new normal for many businesses to allow and encourage […]

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Why Chronotek is the Most Trusted Software for Employee Timesheet Tracking

Posted on 26 Mar 2020

Managing a business takes a lot of time, effort, and ingenuity. Would you rather use that energy to grow your business and rollout solutions to those problems that cause frustration and administrative headaches? Great news! You found us! Chronotek is an employee timesheets software for managing remote staff, controlling labor costs, and simplifying the payroll […]

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What Would You Do With 78 Extra Hours

Time Tracking for a Growing Business

Posted on 11 Apr 2017

April 18 is right around the corner. Have you filed your tax returns?  Many Americans love to file early and wait on the big check, like a kid waits on Christmas.  For others, they realize that Uncle Sam isn’t Santa Claus.  That big check is payback on a short term loan to the government, who […]

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travel time mileageTest Drive Automated Travel Time and Mileage Reporting

Test Drive Automated Travel Time and Mileage Reporting

Posted on 05 Apr 2017

Do you have remote hourly employees who drive from job site to job site?  Are you paying too much for travel time and mileage, but don’t know what to do about it? In our previous post, Speed Up Payday with Hassle-free, Automated Travel Time and Mileage, we introduced Travel Manager, our tool that integrates with Google […]

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Where are your employees, really? GPS time tracking

Where are Your Employees, Really?

Posted on 27 Jan 2017

Would you buy a new 55″ smart TV without a remote?  Maybe it’s not necessary, but it sure makes the TV much more functional and enjoyable.  If you’re a small business owner with off-site hourly workers, you need confidence that employees are clocking in and out at the job site.  An automated timekeeping system with GPS […]

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Can Your Employees Be Trusted?

Posted on 13 Sep 2016

We want to believe that all people can be trusted, but we think it’s better to approach it as Ronald Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.” That’s wise advice when it comes to your employees.  This article sites a Kessler survey in which 30% of the respondents admitted to falsifying their time cards. Businesses need protection from […]

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Chronotek Smart Time Tracking

Giving You Just a Little More Time

Posted on 15 Aug 2016

Time is something we think about a lot, like ALL of the time. At Chronotek we can get pretty geeky about it, too. Our timekeeping solution for small businesses with remote workers tracks 100% accurate time worked.  We’ve posted how to convert time in hours/minutes format to a decimal hour, it’s 60-based evil cousin.  We’ve […]

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