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Best Ways To Use Smartphones For Workforce Management

Posted on 28 Jan 2020

Reevaluating the Relationship It’s a truly splendid time to be alive – we’ve made it to the Jetson age. As a technology company, we know that technology has the transformative ability to advance and rejuvenate small businesses, especially with workforce management. I think one of the inherent promises of technology is to help us get […]

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Workflow Intelligence for Supervisors

Workflow Intelligence for Your Supervisors

Posted on 12 Jul 2019

Is your service-based business built to handle the workflow load you put on your supervisors and management team? In 2 back to back days I saw 2 tractor-trailer trucks stuck at the same intersection. It wasn’t a coincidence. Their normal routes on a wide state highway were rerouted due to road construction. Neither made the […]

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Why Employees Love Our Workforce Management System

Why Employees Love Our Workforce Management System

Posted on 04 Apr 2018

Erin is a part-time employee (full-time college student) and works very hard – an exemplary employee by any standards. The company Erin works for recently started using our time card app and she loves it. For years she filled out paper timesheets under the “honor system”. However, some of her co-workers aren’t so honorable. They […]

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Free Timekeeping Management App for Supervisors

Free Timekeeping Software

Posted on 07 Feb 2017

Have you ever bought furniture that comes in a cardboard box and “some assembly” is required?  The manufacturer will send a tiny hex wrench that can get the job done, but it’s painful and time-consuming.  Your local hardware store sells a furniture assembly kit that is a much better and more efficient tool for the […]

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