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Why Employees Love Our Workforce Management System

Why Employees Love Our Workforce Management System

Posted on 04 Apr 2018

Erin is a part-time employee (full-time college student) and works very hard – an exemplary employee by any standards. If you are a busy business owner you may not always know who your ‘Erins’ are. The company Erin works for recently started using our clock in, clock out workforce management system and she loves it. For years her company used handwritten timesheets and the “honor system”. Erin uses air quotes around the words “honor system” because some of her co-workers weren’t so honorable. They would brag about adding a few minutes to each shift every day and justified it by saying they aren’t paid enough. A few of the hardcore employees had their own system of not showing up for work at all and a co-worker would cover. The next night, they would take turns and everyone was happy to get paid for hours that they didn’t work. Everyone except Erin and her honest co-workers.

Erin understands the strain that time theft puts on a company. Her parents owned a cleaning business as she grew up and it ultimately failed because they could never get a good grip on employee hours. What she’s noticed is that the Chronotek workforce management system helps to document and distinguish between the good employees like her and the bad ones. And it was the bad ones who complained the loudest when her company signed up with Chronotek. A couple of the buddy-punching employees were soon busted because their supervisor received a text alert when they both “checked in” and the supervisor drove by to check on them. Erin loves it that her times are accurate and can be verified. Erin’s supervisor recently thanked her for always being on time to her scheduled shifts.  The supervisor can monitor employee punches with the Chronotek app.

Erin also uses the mobile app to keep track of her hours worked and her upcoming schedules. Keeping up with paper timesheets and schedules was a pain! Erin has even used the in-app messaging to make her supervisor aware of supply needs.

Erin has always been an honest and hard worker (something she learned from her parents), so she has to admit why she most loves the Chronotek time tracking system. It’s because her hard work can be easily verified and recognized, while the system will eventually help catch the cheaters. Then she reasons that it will be financially easier for her hard work and honesty to be rewarded. After all, college is not cheap!

If you have some Erin’s that you want to keep happy and save payroll dollars at the same time, give our clock in, clock out time tracking system a shot. Click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial.

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