Erin is a part-time employee (full-time college student) and works very hard – an exemplary employee by any standards. The company Erin works for recently started using our time card app and she loves it. For years she filled out paper timesheets under the “honor system”. However, some of her co-workers aren’t so honorable. They bragged about padding their time cards and justified it by saying they aren’t paid enough. A few of the more hardcore employees wouldn’t show up for work at all and a co-worker would cover. Those days are over since her company switched to our time card app and remote workforce management system.

How a Remote Employee Workforce System Helps Your Small Business

Erin understands the strain that time theft puts on a company. Her parents owned a cleaning business as she grew up and it ultimately failed because they could never get a good grip on employee hours. She’s noticed that the Chronotek workforce management system helps to document and distinguish between the good employees like her and the bad ones. And the bad employees complained the loudest when her company signed up to use our time card app. But within a few days the system paid off when her supervisor busted a couple of the buddy-punching employees. He received a text alert when they both “checked in” and drove by to check on them. Of course, he only found one employee on the job. Another thing that Erin loves it that her times cards are accurate and can be verified. She’s always on time and now it’s proven. Her supervisor can see that, too as he uses the  supervisor app to monitor employee punches.

Erin also tracks her hours worked and her upcoming schedules with the time card app. It was a pain to keep up with paper timesheets and schedules! Erin even uses the in-app messaging to report supply needs to her supervisor.

She loves that her hard work can be verified and she knows that the system will eventually catch the cheaters. Consequently, she’s sure that the owners will be able to pay her more. After all, college is not cheap!

If you have great employees that you want to keep happy and save payroll dollars at the same time, give our employee time card app a shot. Click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial.

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