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Posted on 02 Apr 2010

Tell prospective customers that you manage your employees with a  telephone timekeeping system. Telephone Timekeeping is a tool in your marketing portfolio – is it the Chronotek Advantage.  Customers value a well-managed business. Why is it important to your customers that you have the Chronotek Employee Management System? Vacation Time on the job is one of the largest […]

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Who uses Chronotek telephone timekeeping?

Posted on 02 Apr 2010

Industries who need to track actual time worked. – Telephone timekeeping is highly accurate. No more dispensing, collecting and adding of timecards. No more uncontrolled overtime and time card “padding” from hourly employees that can easily squeeze the profit out of anyone’s budget. Companies who need to track people from remote sites. – Chronotek is […]

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Chronotek on Cells – Introducing Mobile Chronotek!

Posted on 02 Apr 2010

We are bringing Chronotek to any web-enabled mobile device! Your Chronotek Supervisors can log into the mobile version of Chronotek and see employees' time live. The best news is…we offer this service at no extra charge

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Because Every Second Counts…

Posted on 01 Apr 2010

We realize that your time is valuable, so our web-based program is designed to minimize the time that you spend doing payroll tasks such as accounting and processing. By using our phone time clock system, you can save time and money in other areas also: accurate time cards – if you currently use manual time cards, […]

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Chronotek – the industry leading pioneer in telephone timekeeping

Posted on 29 Mar 2010

ChronoTek specializes in telephone time clock Web-based software for tracking employee time and attendance. Founded in 1995, ChronoTek serves clients nationwide, in Canada and Puerto Rico by providing telephone time clock software for accurately tracking employee time and attendance from any phone that can call a toll free number. ChronoTek is a licensed and legal provider of patented caller ID technology.

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